Our Story – Sharing Heritage

The Mothervine Nutraceutical Company is a North Carolina owned and operated company, dedicated to providing people with powerful, natural health products from the vine and the hive.

Co-founder, Fountain Odom, is a 19 year cancer survivor. In 1993, he decided that he had to find the very best anti-cancer products to aid in his recovery. In his search, he found health foods like green tea and blueberries, but absolutely nothing that matched or compared to the antioxidant power and ORAC levels of the muscadine grape, a grape indigenous to the southeastern United States.

Fountain then discovered that on Roanoke Island, NC there lived, and continues to live, a 400-year-old muscadine vine known affectionately as “The MotherVine.” Some believe it was planted by English settlers as early as 1584. Others believe Native Americans planted it first. A history buff himself, Fountain became even more enthralled with the lore, historical significance, and the amazing scientific based health benefits that the fruit of this plant held. He was determined to share this gift with others.

Muscadine GrapesSo, in 2003, with the help, support, and love of his wife, Carmen, the two co-founded The Mothervine Nutraceutical Company. They partnered with Eelco Tinga of Tinga Nursery to propogate from The MotherVine. (Click here for a recent interview with Eelco Tinga on how to Grow Living History.)  Then they worked with Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, NC to establish The MotherVine Vineyard.

In 2008, the first bottles of MotherVine Muscadine Wine were produced and marketed with much success. It was a sellout year with all net proceeds of the sales going to support a NC nonprofit organization, the Outer Banks Conservationists.

Though sweet and delicious, it wasn’t the wine they were truly after. They wanted what was left over from the juice. That is, the muscadine pomace – the skin, pulp, and seeds of the muscadine grape used in the supplements. In 2010, The Original MotherVine 100% All Natural Whole Grape Supplement™ was created using the best muscadines and adhering to all cGMP standards (current Good Manufacturing Practice).

A NC beekeeper for over 40 years, Fountain wanted to also share the many health benefits and medicinal properties that come from the hive, including honey and propolis. So, from 2010 to 2011 testing was completed on a new product that blended healing elements from the vine and the hive. The All Natural MotherVine Soothing Balm™ was created and trademarked with 100% Natural Muscadine Pomace, Propolis, and Honey for soothing, moisturizing skin care.

We continue to add first-in-class products like our botanical, organic soaps, or our 100% Juices.  Our journey to promote the health benefits of muscadines is taking us to wonderful places and creating exciting events.  We have some amazing new products on the drawing board and we can’t wait to share them with you.  Thank you for being part of our story, now it’s yours.