Four Pack: Three Mother Vine Muscadine Vines and One Noble Muscadine Vine


Start a small vineyard and grow living history with cuttings from a 200 year old PLUS muscadine vine.

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The MotherVine is a female plant. If there are no wild Muscadines nearby you will need to plant a male or perfect flower for every 3 female plants.

These will bear fruit in one to three years in August. Ships late Spring.

Four one-year-old muscadine vines.  Three Mother Vine vines (Scuppernong muscadine) and One Perfect Flower (Noble muscadine vines).

The one-year-old scuppernong muscadine vines were taken from cuttings directly off the old lady herself.  The scuppernong is a bronze cultivar (golden juice) of the muscadine (vitis rotundifolia), native to the south-eastern United States.  Scuppernongs are always female and need help to produce fruit.  Be sure a Perfect Flower or male muscadine is nearby.  Muscadines are pollinated by the wind.

The Perfect Flower is a Noble muscadine and has a “perfect flower”.  It will self-pollinate and pollinate nearby female muscadines like a scuppernong.  This is a black cultivar and will produce a red juice.

All vines cultivated by Tinga Nursery, Castle Hayne, NC, since 1913.

A portion of the proceeds go to Outer Banks Conservationists to preserve The Mother Vine, Currituck Lighthouse, and other heritage sites.

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