The Mother Vine Monthly: 2 Bottles of Muscadine Health: RQE Formula (Free Auto Ship)


Two bottles of Muscadine Health: RQE Formula automatically ships to you monthly. AND shipping via USPS First Class mail is included.  WOW! Our best-in-class formulated muscadine dietary supplement. Targeted for the core health issues of heart health, immune health, and brain health.  (Less than $2 per day)

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For those that take 4 capsules per day, we offer The Mother Vine Monthly subscription with 2 bottles.  For less than $2 per day, we will ship you two bottles of the miraculous Muscadine Health: RQE Formula (Resveratrol, Quercetin and Extract of Grape).

Targeted for the core health issues of heart health, immune health, and brain health, this product is “Poly-phenominal!”  Besides being an amazing anti-inflammatory, some of the other health issues addressed are: circulatory health and metabolic health.  The MotherVine’s best-in-class formulated dietary supplement uses “The Original” 100% All Natural Whole Muscadine Grapes pomace as a base, then adds Resveratrol, Quercetin, and Extract of Grape.

Guided by research that shows resveratrol and quercetin are more effective in a whole grape muscadine base (the Muscadine Effect), MotherVine reached out to the world expert on the pharmacological uses of muscadines, Dr. Diane Hartle.  Dr. Hartle recently retired as a professor of the University of Georgia’s School of Pharmacy and helped write the definitive books on the health benefits of muscadines including “Muscadine Medicine” and “Muscadine Health”, which includes an in-depth discussion of the Muscadine Effect.

Manufactured in the United States under pharmaceutical grade conditions using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) in an FDA approved and audited facility, the product is tested at least three times for purity.  Muscadine Health is the Highest Quality Available.  WE PROUDLY STAND BY OUR CLAIM TO HAVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS.  Muscadine Health: RQE Formula is the best resveratrol product and the best quercetin product.

Consumers are embracing the whole food nutrition concept of native foods that aren’t genetically modified, as has been the case with The MotherVine’s very successful “The Original” 100% Natural Whole Muscadine Grapes dietary supplement.  However, consumers want to know with reasonable certainty how much they are getting of a particular phytonutrient.  Most all companies in the muscadine industry bring up resveratrol, but the actual concentration of resveratrol in muscadines is very low.  Having standardized amounts of reservatrol and quercetin, makes Muscadine Health RQE Formula stand apart.


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