Muscadine Health Book by Dr. Diane K. Hartle


Wonderful paperback by Diane K. Hartle, Ph.D.

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Fantastic educational book explains why muscadines work for you. The scientific information people want and need for sharing the wonderful health benefits of muscadines.

Diabetes? Arthritis? Heart disease? Cancer? A must read by THE muscadine health expert.  Muscadine Health examines health aspects of the All-American grape, the Muscadine.

It describes why the phytochemicals in Muscadine products represent power choices in the daily diet. Polyphenols like resveratrol and quercetin are discussed.

Research is presented and reviewed about health benefits relative to antioxidant power, anti-inflammatory power, pre-diabetes, heart disease and hope for cancer prevention.

Dr. Hartle is a retired professor from the University of Georgia’s School of Pharmacy.

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