The Mother Vine Muscadine Vine


Starts shipping again in Spring 2014.  One-year-old Scuppernong Muscadine Vine

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Grow Living History. The Mother Vine Muscadine Vine is a scuppernong.

One year old scuppernong muscadine vine taken from cuttings directly off the old lady herself.

The scuppernong is a bronze cultivar of the muscadine (vitis rotundifolia), native to the south-eastern United States.

Scuppernongs are always female and need help to produce fruit.  Be sure a perfect flowering or male muscadine is nearby.  Muscadines are pollinated by the wind.

A portion of the proceeds go to Outer Banks Conservationists to preserve the MotherVine, Currituck Lighthouse, and other heritage sites.

Cultivated by Tinga Nursery, Castle Hayne, NC.   Listen to the interview with Eelco and The Wine Fairy.

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