3 Oval Tubes of The Soothing Balm, 10 grams each (propolis)


The Mother Vine Skincare, Soothing Balm, 3 Oval Tubes, 10 grams each

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The Mother Vine Skincare’s Soothing Balm formula in a larger oval tube for use on the face and whole body.

With regular use, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots is reduced.

Honey Bee Propolis and Whole Grape Muscadine Pomace (seeds & skins) in an organic olive base deliver amazing whole food nutrition to your skin including bioflavenoids and blue-color spectrum phytonutrients.

Propolis is known as “The BeeKeeper’s Secret” and is used to keep the beehive sterile.  Bees use propolis to coat the hive because it is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic.

Light fragrances of organic rosemary and lavendar.

May be used after shaving for inflamed skin. Use on insect bites for stinging and itching.  Simply amazing.

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