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Important Disclaimers ***

Here at The Mothervine, we do our best to tell the story about the health benefits of muscadines and The Mothervine, authentically and accurately.

It is important for you to know that actual results from eating muscadines vary from individual to individual.  Lifestyles, diets, DNA, and other factors may cause the results to vary.

Also, we urge anyone to consult a medical professional before making, or not making, any decision about one’s health.

2015 Survey

During 2015, we completed an anonymous survey with The Mothervine’s Muscadine Health RQE.  We are pleased to share the abbreviated results reported by age group after 90 days.  The subject group had never eaten muscadines.

Age Group: 81-90  Joint pain experienced for years – gone, increased stamina, stains on hands disappeared, depressed tissue in a finger regenerated/filled out

Age Group: 71-80  Less fatigue, feet skin smoother, age spots disappearing, immune system strengthened, problem with constipation resolved. Age spots disappearing

Age Group: 61-70  Noticed darker hair, fewer white hairs, more stamina than friends who noticeably tired more quickly than her

Age Group: 51-60  Some weight loss, age spots disappeared, rough skin on feet became smoother, look younger, healthy hair, injuries heal faster

Age Group: 41-50  Cholesterol level significantly reduced.  Better body condition, more energy, potential weight loss

Age Group: 31-40  Diabetes: Blood sugar level decreased significantly. Significant stamina & energy (even with 3 hours sleep can wake up easily & go through the day w/o fatigue)

The stories go back years…

Muscadine Health: RQE Formula & “The Original” 100% All Natural Whole Muscadine Grape

In January 2011 I had a stroke. When I got to the hospital, my blood sugar checked over 650, and my blood pressure and cholesterol readings were sky high as well. I was put on 8 different prescription medicines and was told that as soon as possible I wood have to take insulin shots as long as I lived. All the month of January, my sugar readings were in the 3-400 range, I knew insulin was the only thing left. In February 2011, my brother told me about The MotherVine Whole Muscadine Grape Supplement and suggested that I try it, which I did out of curiosity mostly. And to my surprise, by the end of March 2011, my sugar readings were in the 100 range.  In July 2011, my Doctor told me all my test results were normal.  Now, 18 months later, I am only on three prescription meds a day plus my 2 MotherVine Muscadine Whole Grape Supplements (no insulin!) and I feel the best I have in several years. So if you have sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol problems, you might want to check this MotherVine out. I sure am glad I did! ~ Benny Anderson, 2598 Simpson Mill Road, Mount Airy, N.C. ***

I was diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago and have been insulin dependent for the past 3 years. I have been taking your capsules for approximately 24 months as a supplement regiment of diabetic medicines and vitamins. I have observed a reduction in my blood glucose readings as well as lower AC1 test results with the addition of the Muscadine product. My daily glucose numbers are ranging 15-20 units lower than they were before I started taking the product. ~ W.L., North Carolina ***

I am a 20 year cancer survivor. For many years I have been religiously taking the Muscadine Whole Grape Capsules along with my regimen of vitamins. I am convinced these powerful capsules have assisted in keeping me cancer free. The anti-aging compounds must be effective as most people I meet are surprised I am 73 years young and do not take any presecription medications. I do not let a day go by without taking 2 capsules. ~ T.O., North Carolina ***

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called interstitial cystitis. It is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the bladder. In my case, this condition was often extremely painful, sometimes nearly unbearable. To this very day, it is a battle to keep the problem in check. I am still under the care of my urologist but have found that the use of your Muscadine grape products have been a tremendous aid in handling my situation. Over the last 4 years, while still taking medications prescribed by my doctor, on two separate occasions I accidentally allowed myself to run out of whole muscadine product. Within just a few days, my condition worsened and did not return to what I considered acceptable until after I replenished my Muscadine supplement supply. I don’t intend to ever be caught without the product again. ~ J.D. ***

After nearly two years of trying one statin after another to control high cholesterol, I was very discouraged. Blood tests showed that each medication was likely to cause liver damage according to my doctor. Then, simply because a friend recommended it and because I have fond memories of scuppernong grapes since childhood, I started taking the MotherVine Whole Grape supplement. I have to confess I was amazed when my bad cholesterol dramatically decreased! I believe my daily use of this natural product continues to help me successfully fight the bad cholesterol. ~ W.P. ***

The MotherVine Soothing Balm

I have suffered from acute dermatitis since the age of 13 and have had to use expensive prescription creams in order to keep the bright red spots on the sides of my nose reasonably under control. I used the stick you gave me for about one week and noticed that it worked even better than the years of cream applications. A+ on that score.  The second time I was impressed was when I used the stick as an aftershave balm (my skin is painfully sensitive after I run the razor on it) and found that it was very soothing and helped my skin remain cool and soft. I now use it every time I shave and am grateful to have an aftershave that actually moistens and doesn’t burn or sting. Speaking of stings, the latest piece of amazement came when I was bitten by a spider while cleaning my back porch and I again used the stick on the offending bite. The burn and itch actually went away in a few short minutes (truly impressive.) I’m now using the stick anytime I find myself bitten or bothered by bugs or rashes to great effect. I’m glad you told me about the stick, and am a true believer in the powers of propolis. I have never written a review of a product, or even thought to before, but this stick works so well and has so many uses I should have done this a long time ago  ;0)  Thanks again for sharing this great, honest product with me. I am a happier skin caring, shaving, bee stung person. ~ Tim Z., Winston-Salem, NC. ***

I have this chronic skin condition called “Urticaria” it is a rash that crops up on dry or hot areas of my body and spreads so aggressively that it takes some serious medication to calm it down – it feels like itchy, stinging nettles!  Well, when my shins began to itch recently, I thought, why not try the balm (nothing topical has ever worked before, but what the heck).  I truly can’t believe that the soothing balm stops the itching IMMEDIATELY – which means that the histamine reaction won’t spread & I don’t have to take unwanted prescription medication!! I have begun taking the pills & am looking forward to positives there, but this soothing balm is AMAZING!  I have had the issue for about 10 years now and, thanks to you, I have a topical balm that works (seriously, have tried every prescription and non-prescription cream in the book) – this is like heaven to me! Feel free to share this story to help others . . . ~ K.C., Charlotte, North Carolina  ***

Dear MotherVine,  #1 – Concerning the breakout on my arms, I put the Soothing Balm on a small spot and within 20 minutes the break out was gone. Then I proceeded to put the Soothing Balm on both arms, leaving one spot the size of a quarter free for my M.D. to see. By the morning, the arms were both cleared up with no more itching.  The itching was maddening and that was relieved in seconds to one minute. Amazing!  #2 – I’ve been sick with allergies and had fever blisters to come up. I used the Soothing Balm and no more burning and within 24 hours they were all gone.  #3 – I burned my wrist slightly and again the Soothing Balm soothed the burn and no blister came up.  I have decided to pack your MotherVine Natural Soap and MotherVine Soothing Balm for my soldier going to Afghanistan. The soap has no perfume and that is necessary over there. Thanks again! You are a blessing. ~ A.M.S. ***

While vacationing at the beach last summer, I had the misfortune of being stung by a jelly fish on my left forearm. The sting left long, red, raised, welts over much of my arm. It was very painful. I was unable to put anything on the sting until I got back to the beach cottage, approximately 2.5 hours later, when I immediately applied the MotherVine Soothing Balm. The pain immediately went away, and within a couple of hours, the red welts began to subside. Within 12 hours there was not any sign of the sting whatsoever! I keep the Soothing Balm handy from now on whenever I am working or playing outside! ~ A.E. ***

One morning I was working in the garden and had a strong fall on my knees, which were bleeding. Rapidly, I washed the area with water and soap. It was burning a lot. Then I applied my MotherVine Soothing Balm, and 15 minutes after, the pain and itching had disappeared and the area was improved. I did the same application for three days, and 72 hours after, the skin was practically regenerated.  ~ Odilie Calvo A., Costa Rica ***